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Today, I was pleased to tour for the first time the Company Shops Market in Downtown Burlington, NC. Their slogan is “Local Food for Local People”. They are a co-op structured supermarket and eatery that focuses on excellence. You can buy a share of the market and become an owner, you will get a discount, be eligible for specials, and get dividends as the market makes money. They are located at 266 E. Front St. Burlington, NC 27215. Their hours are 8am-8pm. You can find them on the web at: and can call them at 336-223-0390.

There will be a Grand Opening Celebration on June 11th from 11am-5pm.
I got the inside scoop on the band schedule which is not on their website yet!

11:00 -12:30pm Grey Matter

1:00 – 2:30pm Mr. Hand

3:00 – 5:00pm Big Something

While I was there a representative of Larry’s Beans was there because she will be doing a demonstration there at the Grand Opening. Apparently so will 50 other vendors. If you buy a share in the coop ($100 for an individual $150 family) and open a bank account with Fidelity Bank they will give you a $150 gift card to the market.

Other news, I have been following Project 50/50. A married couple with nonprofit status that is travelling to all 50 states in 50 weeks, volunteering, collecting and donating goods to the homeless and poor along the way. To keep it real they are living in their truck while they do it. Their newest project is to feed and help the pets of homeless people. They are looking for a good name for the project. If you have any good ideas then let me know and I’ll pass it along. You can follow them at!/Project5050 and at


Today’s topic: Alternative Transportation in Durham – Initial Support Newsletter v0.07

A report I would like to read is Modern Money Mechanics. If you have a copy of it in print, please lend it to me for a tad. It outlines how money is created by the Federal Reserve, the banks, and the system of lending.

I changed the header today on the website and the newsletter to a picture I took on the platform of the Amtrak Station in Durham, NC. It seems we might have a running theme of alternative transportation in our headers with the last header being Bike Man’s bike frames of the Bikes for Children program – http://SouthSideBike.Info.

When my 2 year-old daughter hears the train in the background, she says, Daddy, Daddy”. I ride the train from Durham to Burlington so often, that my children believe that I live on the train.

Amtrak in North Carolina

On two trains a day in each direction, on the train that is called The Piedmont, there is complimentary LeBlue bottled water, coffee, and tea in the Snack Car. Other eating options are the Vending machines.

On those two local North Carolina Amtrak trains called The Piedmont, you can take your bike with you without having to pack it up, but you do need a reservation. The rules are more narrow on the train called The Carolinian.

To my motorist friends: Very likely you bought a copy of Spare Change News from me off the median. I can appreciate that we all seem to be in a hurry in what Bob Marley called The Rat Race, but please consider bicyclists, moped riders, trucks, and other vehicles on the street with you. Please share the road.

More Bike Info

Posted on local bulletin board: Trinity Park Bike Workshop -Saturday – May 21st 3pm-6pm  In Trinity Park @ Watts & Trinity. Bring Your Bike! We’ll Help You Fix It Up. Contact Matthew Carter with questions 805.881.2235

The Bikes for Children plans on giving away 1000 bicycles by Christmas. The website is http://SouthSideBike.Info. We are taking donations for and of helmets, safety vests, and safety lights.

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Feedback & donations can be received at: Paul Gydos 1263 Maple Ridge Drive, Burlington NC 27217  Subscription of next 15 issues sent first class $20. Please write Check or Money Order to Paul Gydos

“A Dollar Short and A Day Late” – Support Newsletter v0.06

“A dollar short and a day late” is a phrase my wife used to say which would really infuriate me. Its true: People measure you by your timeliness as well as quantitatively in the way you pay.  Nobody likes being paid late, and when you are the one paying late, you feel like a loser.  At the moment I am writing this I am $10 short and 2 days late for rent, what makes it awkward is I live with my landlord; And yes, when people don’t get paid completely and on time they get mad.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for what I have and I pray to God that he will allow me to prosper and be a good Dad.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody. Most small businesses go under. In my case I’m a boot-strapper. That means I’m trying to make something happen out of not very much, and against all odds. I would always prefer a job, because you will never average out above minimum wage, soliciting on the street, unless you have a scam. And I could never be comfortable running a scam. However I can’t say I’m above Barnum’s logic, “You’ve got to have a gimmick.”. Gimmick as it may be, it gives an outlet to express myself, and is not particularly gimmicky in that it has not produced much revenue thus far. When you need immediate money though, you usually must choose entrepreneurship over a job, because waiting to get paid can actually make you homeless, and then what good was the job?

Selling a newsletter generates less than collecting donations alone, plus, I have to spend money and time to produce it, while taking in even less. So I must ask myself, why am I doing it? Right away I get to exercise my language skills, my ability to use the media to distribute a message. Also I get to advertise other things that I do.

For instance a manager at Papa John’s asked me to stop by tonight and we will talk about distributing his coupons. That’s right I’m in the advertising business. First of all I’m going to mention this about the Papa John’s over by East Campus (If you’re reading this on the internet, I’m talking about Duke University as I am in Durham, North Carolina): They are really nice people, and if you are into delivery pizza thus I endorse them because they have a good attitude towards the community. Whether I’ll be able to help them further is up in the air.

As soon as I am out of the immediate pickle that I am in, My friend in Chapel Hill is going to give me an opportunity to try and solve his network problem. I am that friend that might know something about computers that you don’t, and will often try and help you solve a problem. If I am able to help you with your computer, I don’t mind if you help me back.

I am hoping that The Bikes for Children project will be received well by the community: http://SouthSideBike.Info is the website. It turns out our initial location might not be the right place to launch. So we are going to have to do think about doing it in another way. We are taking donations for and of helmets, safety vests, and safety lights.

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Feedback & donations can be received at: Paul Gydos 1263 Maple Ridge Dr. Burlington, NC 27217  or you can direct your email to:

Initial Support Newsletter – v0.05

As I take advantage of this time with the hail and the crazy electric storm to write, I reflect on my personal situation.  Somehow I went through most of the day without realizing that I did not have my glasses on, and its not entirely clear when I lost them.  So please excuse any typos as I am working blind on this one.  Hopefully by the time when you receive this, I will have my glasses on my head  So this gave me a moment to consider:  Normally I would not go so long without having noticed that I did not have them.  I was so focused on trying to catch the early train to see my children and take them swimming,  I didn’t check to see I had them on.  Is this an analogy to how humans are about so many things?  I feel as though we have been going without our glasses on for a period of time because we had our collective mind on somethings that were so important, that we didn’t notice that we weren’t seeing clearly.

Paul Gydos

portrait of Paul Gydos

“I feel as though we have been going without our glasses on for a period of time because we had our collective mind on somethings that were so important, that we didn’t notice that we weren’t seeing clearly.” – Editor of SCN

Bicycle Stuff

Take that as you will. Last night while downtown I had a chance to talk with a young gentleman who participates in the the Durham Bike Co-op. He told me where they are located and when they operate and the status of the Bike Co-op. It sounds as though we have a very active and healthy bike co-op here in Durham and I can’t wait to check them out. is the website.

I am hoping that The Bike for Children project will be received equally well by the community: http://SouthSideBike.Info is the website. While downtown yesterday, I noticed the bike rack by The Pinhook on Main Street. We would like to build a bike cage in The Bike Man’s backyard with the same type of construction where we weld together old Bike Parts together in an artistic fashion.

Feedback & Donations

Feedback for  Paul Gydos can be received on my blog.  You can direct your email to:

How SouthSide Durham got a bike co-op

Wednesday night I was finishing some work for Ed Jacobsen on his computer when his neighbor stopped through. Earlier Ed had taken my bicycle to get some milk and some childeren there on Southside made comments so he spun around to talk to them. Finally one child broke the silence. “Could, I, I, I… have your bike.” (Smile). Ed explained that he wish he could because he was leaving to California in a few days, but the bike wasn’t his. Now his neighbor was there, and Ed said, “How much would you charge for fixing up those bicycles in the back and giving them to the children.” As they spoke, I went ahead and purchased for him: http://SouthSideBike.Info

Friday afternoon I went by to pick up my buckets and Ed had already given him $20 before he went to get his Greyhound bus and be done with Durham. His last act of kindness to Durham.

So the neighbor wants to be called The Bike Man from now on and we all agreed Bikes for Children. First of all we need to collect helmets, safety vests, and bike lights. We also need old bicycle frames and parts. Then we need some funds to pay for parts thatare rarely donated like inner-tubes, tires, rims, brake parts, and grease. Major donation opportunities are in we need a spray gun, an airbrush, a bicycle stand, etc.. Bike man hopes the kids will learn how to do repairs themselves and pay it forward. I suggested we adopt a portion of the Bike Path and do some cleanup.

I am accepting donations on behalf of The Bike Man currently, just specify that your donation is initial support for http://SouthSideBike.Info

I have already found four more frames to give The Bike Man and he said he started renovating the first one with the money from Ed. We are hoping to be in full gear soon, and have the high ambition of 1000 bicycles by Christmas.

Paul Gydos

1263 Maple Ridge Dr.

Burlington, NC 27217

You can reach me at:

We still need many donations to make SpareChangeNews a reality for Entrepreneurs!

v0.03 initial support newsletter

I finally got to see The King’s Speech, and on the same day as the royal wedding.  $1 on Redbox. The main focus was about King George’s relationship with a common man, his speech therapist.  My focus is not on the marrying rich but my own common marriage.  My twins just turned two.  Friday we took them to the Little Gym and Saturday to the YMCA for their first swim lesson. I just found I could get an itty-bitty grill welded onto my bicycle for about $200 and a local food business incubator just opened to be used as a base kitchen, so I can serve up some of our famous local food as a fundraiser for aforementioned family and this newsletter.  Also purchased a 5.1 MegaPixel camera brand new at evil Walmart for $29.++, so I should be able to update the website soon with pics and little videos.  Internet has been taken care of through Cricket Broadband $40/mo plan, but I really need a new laptop about $300+tax at OfficeDepot. I like our public transportation.  North Carolina has three trains daily in each direction at most stations. We need 5 a day so one could actually commute.  The 10 ride ticket is the deal.  So internet now is through an Augen Genbook 108- an Android 2.1 without Market in a 10″ netbook form factor.  My cost was $129.50 for factory refurb shipped.  If enough Android and ARM specialists could be mobilized (or a port a linux-variant), we could have a decent digital divide computer.  As it stands its not very useful.  Please donate (sorry no tax deduction as of yet – Type D fiscal sponsorship under your nonprofit anyone?)

I need a POB ($24)

Paul Gydos

1263 Maple Ridge Dr.

Burlington, NC 27217

Initial Support Newsletter v0.02

The weather was perfect and my twin boy and girl were turning two years old.  We had a chance to go to the museum of Life and Science with the grandparents and other family members together.  What a blast. (What a…) fine institution – (but) a bit pricy for those on the lower side of the economic spectrum.  // I am not goint to speak without qualifying that I am not an attorney; nor (do I) know too much about software law.  Nonetheless if you own a copy of Windows 7 media and authentication there is a way to create a bootable live cd for your own use, A copy that runs a limited version from the optical drive.  //  Is there anything else going on besides the royal wedding? Oh  yeah the usual bad news. Let’s skip that for some good news:  John 1:12-13 “But as many as received him to them gave he power to become the son of God, even to them that believe on His name which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”  THANK YOU!